Tymvios Labs

BHS Diagnostics is a unique, modernized clinical laboratory which has only one goal: provide outstanding services to its clients in the fields of Medical Diagnostics, Sports Sciences, Anti-Ageing and General Well Being. It is the only laboratory in Cyprus managed by two PhD holders, with multiple specialisations in a variety of fields.

The laboratory specializes amongst others in:

  • Medical Diagnostics (General Health Check-Up)
  • Sport Biochemistry (Nutritional needs identification and predisposition to overtraining and muscular injuries)
  • Sport Science (Physiological Tests in the laboratory and outfield to test parameters such as Max Power, Aerobic Capacity etc)
  • Anti-ageing (Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants measurements for correct anti-oxidant supplementation and to stop age related diseases)
  • DNA Dieting (a unique approach to lose weight by identifying genetic predisposition and exact daily energy needs)


Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50